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Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair 2015

The Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair in 2015 was the Flash Collective's first project.  Founder Veronica Ceci recruited other artists to split the cost of a booth and a curatorial project was born.

Print Fair Artists


Veronica Ceci, Austin, TX

David Driesbach, Wheaton, IL

John Driesbach, Akron, OH

Bridget Elchert, Indianapolis, IN

Hunter L.V. Elliott, Cleveland, OH

Jessica Fatkins, Akron, OH

Skylar Gerken, New York, NY

Alex Giffin, Austin, TX

Kindra Hayes, Pittsburg, PA

Bob Kelemen, Cleveland, OH

Taryn McMahon, Kent, OH

Stephanie Mote, Kent, OH

Bridget O'Donnell, Omaha, NE

Nicholas Skowron, Columbus, OH

Emily Sullivan Smith, Dayton, OH



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