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Changing the Subject

The Women Artists of the Experimental Printmaking Institute

    For PrintAustin 2016 and her first exhibition as Director of the Bone Black Gallery FC founder Veronica Ceci worked with Curlee Raven Holton to curate a group exhibition. In 1996 Holton founded The Experimental Printmaking Institute (EPI) at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. EPI has had special emphasis on publishing minority artists. The results of these collaborations have been included in many important collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ceci and Holton put together an exhibition focused on the female artists who had created print works at the EPI. The exhibition then traveled to The New Door Gallery in Baltimore, MD. Selected works from the show are displayed below.


Changing The Subject Artists


Emma Amos

 Holly Brigham

 Nanette Carter

 Elizabeth Catlett

 Audrey Flack

Jana Van Hasselt

 Grace Hartigan

 Robin Holder

 Kumi Korf

 Lyn Lindemier

 Maryann Miller

 Karima Muyeas

 Faith Ringgold

 Priscilla Romero

 Alison Saar

 Kay WalkingStick



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