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Fancy Free

     Fancy Free is a spontaneous mutual aid sculpture. It is stocked with quality items, wheeled out into the community and things are given out free of charge to anyone who might benefit from them. Emphasis is placed on recipients having agency to make choices from a variety of options. Time is spent chatting with anyone who cares to. It is not meant to replace major services, but rather to meet people where they are and offer support in the moment.

     The creation of this work was supported by non-profit ATX Interfaces as part of their inaugural Artists' Residency program. Originally the Austin Creative Alliance headquarters on Austin's East Side served as its home base. Fancy Free was taken out weekly to serve the nearby population in the months of October and November of 2021. Currently the piece is receiving a few upgrades in order to fortify it against the poor sidewalk conditions of our city. We are seeking new partners to act as home base in 2022 so that it can be of service in multiple areas of Austin. Please get in touch if you would like to host. 

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