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Flash Collective for Bone Black Gallery

    Flash Collective founder Veronica Ceci volunteered her time for the nonprofit organization Women Printmakers of Austin by handling all aspects of programming for their Bone Black Gallery in 2016.  The season included nine on-site and two off-site exhibitions along with several other events. The organization was founded over 20 years ago when female printmakers pooled their funds to rent press access and create their own work. To honor that spirit Ceci scheduled self-identified women artists who worked on paper or cloth for the entirety of the season.  Below you will find images and links to the websites of the six artists who had solo exhibitions at the gallery.


Bone Black Solo Exhibition Artists 


Eranah Adorjan, Cleveland, OH

Francine Affourtit, Philadelphia, PA

Skylar Gerken, Brooklyn, NY

Kristina Hagman, Santa Monica, CA

Heraa Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

Jessica Scott-Felder, Atlanta, GA



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