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Printmaking is a distinct community within the arts with its own lexicon, tools and character. Similarly, the Queer community also has its own vocabulary, equipment and spirit. When the two overlap, a remarkable niche is created.


Niche panel discussion explored that intersection as five Queer printmakers discussed how their unique identities shaped their paths in art. The event took place as part of PrintAustin's 2021 virtual expo.

You can watch the recorded event in the video player below and learn more about the panelists by scrolling down. 

vanessa_adams_headshot - vanessa adams.j

Vanessa Adams


Vanessa Adams is a queer printmaker from New Orleans, LA based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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MC Carey


MC Carey is a Fat, Black, Queer, and chronically ill printmaker, activist, and educator living and creating on Piscataway-Conoy stolen land, AKA Baltimore, MD.

Headshot - Ruben Castillo.jpg

Ruben Castillo


Ruben Castillo is a visual artist based in Kansas City, MO working in print, drawing, installation, and video.

headshot - Amy Cousins.jpg

Amy Cousins


Amy Cousins is an artist and educator in Philadelphia making sculpture, prints, and installations that mine queer archives for liberatory and utopian potential.

Head Shot 2019 - Mary Tremonte.jpg

Mary Tremonte


Mary Tremonte is an artist, educator and DJ based in Pittsburgh


Panelist Gallery

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