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Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all

Thank you to the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division for elevating Flash Collective to baller status. The review board has decided to fund 75% of Flash Collective's Cultural Initiatives grant proposal. This mad scrilla will be spent on two projects. Firstly, an expansion of FC display Saturated titled Super Saturated will be on display in Austin and also travel to other cities. Participating artists will be reimbursed for shipping expenses making FC true to its mission of reducing or eliminating artist's costs wherever possible. Woot Woot! Additionally, a community art project by FC founder Veronica Ceci titled Our Unamerica will be occurring during April 2017 in ATX and the work resulting will be part of the exhibition Keeping House, opening at the Kansas City Artist's Coalition in Kansas City, MO in May. Affluent persons everywhere are encouraged to follow the example of America's hippest city and to buy up FC art like crazy to keep this ball rolling. We are on fire!

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