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The Hidden and The Bold

     The Hidden and The Bold was an exhibition at The Noble Swede Gallery in LaGrange, TX on display from November 6th-December 31st 2015. The display contained work from 12 different artists from around the United States recruited and chosen by Flash Collective founder Veronica Ceci.

     While paper dominated as the form for most works, a range of visual themes and mark making techniques were present. The importance of color was evident throughout, from the intense saturation of Kerri Blackburn’s Flash to the muted tones of Berel Lutsky’s Untitled (Black Landscape). The visual aspects of writing were present and mysterious in Hunter LV Elliott’s Diptych which was contrasted with the rancorous proclamation of Skylar Gerken’s Intermission and the wordless aggression of Shawn Kern’s American Girl. The conversation between the subdued and the brash was evident throughout the exhibition. 

The Hidden and The Bold Artists


Kerri Blackburn, Austin, TX

Veronica Ceci, Austin, TX

Hunter LV Elliott, Cleveland, OH

Jessica Fatkins, Akron, OH

Skylar Gerken, New York, NY

Kindra Hayes, Pittsburgh, PA

Shawn Kerns, Cleveland, OH

Berel Lutsky, Milwaukee, WI

Jeff Pasek, Olympia, WA

Brent Pheto, Austin, TX

Kathryn Porter, Austin, TX

Shawn Watrous, Pittsburgh, PA


Photos from Opening Reception

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