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an exhibition for PrintAustin 2022

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. 


Veracity brought together work from three artists employing distinct lenses to authenticity. Shanisia Person explores diverging aspects of gender, employing literal transparency to appose its place in the broader society with how it functions within the BDSM community. Brent Pheto populates his world with relatable characters demonstrating the ubiquity of disempowerment through the raw emotions often present in everyday situations. Cameron Gray utilizes materiality as a codex to unlock the ancestral spirit, selecting objects that often have violent connections to Blackness and repositioning their narrative. In combination these artists present an uncompromising view of a world which would prefer that we close our eyes rather than see the truth. The show was hosted by Something Cool Studios.


“Nigga, Who Taught You How to Rob?!”
Cotton knitted ski mask with American flag

Gouache on mylar


Imprinted 22


Cameron Gray

Ames, IA

Cameron Gray (he/him) believes in highlighting forgotten spaces, materials, and stories through their direct relationship to Black history and experience. 


Shanisia Person

Atlanta, GA

Shanisia Person (they/them) makes work centered in sexuality, including gender, its expression and the limitlessness and ever growing concept of what that means to art and therefore beauty and humanity. 


Brent Pheto

Austin, TX

Brent Pilane Pheto (he/him) creates characters and symbols that interact with each other in order to discuss different philosophical, political, and conspiratorial ideas. 

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