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     A term often used in the print studio, viscosity refers to the degree of ink's resistance to flow, or its ability to adhere to a surface. In this exhibition, the term functioned as a metaphor for the shifting status of women in printmaking. The increase of women in print has not yielded an equitable space for the female voice within this arena. Viscosity is a declaration against marginalization.     

     Viscosity is a visual art exhibition featuring hand pulled prints by self identified female artists of varying ethnic backgrounds from around the United States, Canada and Finland. The exhibition originated at the Noise Gallery in Bloomington, IN and was curated by Kristin Sarette and Candice Corgan. Flash Collective initiated the exhibitions travel by bringing it to Link & Pin Gallery for PrintAustin 2019.  

     After coming down to Austin, the show has continued to travel. Thus far it has been exhibited at the St. Louis Art Guild, the Universities of Utah and Tennessee, Frontline Arts Center in New Jersey, and Crow's Shadow in Oregon. 

Viscosity Artists

Judith Baumann, Pendleton, OR

Katherine Brimberry, Austin, TX

Marissa Cartagena, Philadelphia, PA

Deborah Chaney, Brooklyn, NY

Veronica Ceci, Austin, TX

Candice Corgan, Syracuse, NY

Ana Cortez, DeKalb, IL

Maria Erikson, Helsinki, Finland

Jill Graham, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Rachel Heberling, NJ

Maggie Lomeli, Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Melnyczuk, Manchester, NH

Jack Michael, Atlanta, GA

Ashley Ortiz-Dias, Gainesville, FL

Angela Pilgrim, Newark, NJ

Kathryn Polk, Solsberry, IN

Jessica Robles, Visalia, CA

Zeinab Saab, Chicago, IL

Kristin Sarette, Bloomington, IN

Beth Sheehan, Philadelphia, PA

Lyla Shon, Baltimore, MD

Klaire Smith, Rio GRande,OH

Bryn Sumner, Brooklyn, NY

Ashley Taylor, Orlando, FL

Ericka Walker, Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada

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